Comments from Fans

“I wanted to share with you all, the beautiful piano music of my Facebook friend Brian Golden - this has been my soundtrack for today, through a difficult afternoon.”
W.H. - Seoul, Korea

"A beautiful album...Happy to hear a new album from Brian Golden."
I.V.A. - unknown location 

""My husband and our four sons and I have been your fans...One of our sons is extremely musically gifted and loves every piece you’ve written and has collected every album."
W.A. - Germany

The world is better off with your music."
B.R. - Aurora, Colorado

“I heard your music on the “Midnite Cafe” (KNX Los Angeles). Loved it!”
E.S. - Beverly Hills, California

“Thanks for the wonderful hours of music.”
L.S. -  Cincinnati, Ohio

“So glad I visited your website! Your music is beautiful :)
D.L.T. - Denver, Colorado

“I’ve found your solo work most enjoyable, and find myself asking for more.”
D.S. - Tempe, Arizona

“I must acknowledge your brilliance as a pianist, your music on the “Portrait” album is constantly played in my office and home and is enjoyed immensely.”
J.A. - Denver, Colorado

“The pieces played on KSBR (Orange County, California) were excellent and very moving.  Hearing your music makes me see the beauty in life and the poetry.”
J.G. - Orange County, California

“It’s like listening to a breeze on a summer evening.”
R.B. - Denver, Colorado

“It’s a super album!”
J.E. - Hanover, New Hampshire

“Your recording is wonderful.  This music will bring much pleasure to a lot of people.”
S.B. - Ken Caryl, Colorado

“I was very impressed with your style of music, and appreciate the talent you have.”
G.A. - Midwest, U.S.A.

“I just love this composer!”
C.G. - College Park, Maryland

“He plays so masterfully, yet there is such a gentleness, such a softness to the sound.”
B.Z. - Overland Park, Kansas

“It’s my most favorite album of all time.”
N.C. - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

“I recently heard “Portrait” at a friend’s house in New England and must have it for myself.”
R.K - Columbia, South Carolina

I bought your CD this past weekend and have not been able to stop playing it.  Your music is enchanting.”
A.G. - Lakewood, Colorado

“Your music has been so soothing and beautiful.”
B.C. - Louisville, Colorado