My Story



     I began studying the piano at the age of six.  My first teacher was a very strict Hungarian women who had studied with Bela Bartok.  She did not encourage improvising or composing, so I would pour through volumes of "fake books" and pop tunes on my own and began developing a style that incorporated many genres of music.
     In college, I was a classical piano major, studying Chopin, Bach, Schumann, Beethoven and working consi
stently on classical piano technique.  I decided to learn the guitar, as well - so I could travel and take my music with me on the road.  After college, my first gigs were playing ragtime piano at Johnny's Old-timer in Buffalo, N.Y., and playing for a local dinner theatre troupe.  Later, I worked for a record distributor in Queens and in the evenings I would head into Greenwich Village to play music and hang out with other musicians.  At that time, I performed mostly as a singer-songwriter, accompanying myself on the guitar and playing in coffee houses and small clubs.
     When I moved to Colorado, I decided to return to my first love and focus primarily on the piano again as my primary instrument.  I began accompanying for ballet and modern dance classes and improvising live scores for vintage silent films.  I also began performing solo piano concerts consisting of totally improvised pieces.  I eventually worked some of the themes developed in concert into more structured pieces and recorded my first two piano albums, "Portrait" and "Another Face" by improvising around these themes.  My later concerts reflected the arrangements I had recorded in the studio.  On my latest album, "Blue Sky," I decided to go a different route and completely notated each piece and recorded them note for note.

     In addition to these contemporary albums for solo piano, I also worked on additional projects including composing the music for four ballets for Boulder Ballet, collaborating on several albums for children's dance with my wife Christy, and completing a collection of 24 Preludes for the Piano in Major and Minor Modes in the traditions of J.S. Bach and Frederic Chopin.