Blue Sky.jpg

"Blue Sky"

by Brian Golden


     Most of the pieces on this album laid dormant, unfinished and unrecorded for many years.  It seemed appropriate at this time, however, to give them life, to finalize their form and to document their performance.
     The title song, Blue Sky, was initially written as a memorial to the victims of 911 and the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

"A beautiful album from a wonderful man.  Gentleness and patience and kindness embodied by this artist. Happy to hear a new album from Brian Golden."  I.V.A.

"All the pieces blend very well with one another in a way that provides an appealing cohesiveness to the full collection."  B.R.

"Your new album is beautiful.  Thank you for sharing it with us." M.Z.

"Had to sit down and listen." S.S.



"Hear my prayer, O Lord!
And let my cry for help come to Thee."

Psalm 102